N7UIC Repeater System

Time 36  
Date 39  
DTMF Test 85  
DVR Test 55  
Signal Level Test 2  
ALL Courtesy Tones Off 280 (CT0)  
Hourly Time Announce 431 (GF1) ON 430 (GF0) OFF
DOH! Courtesy Tone 3641 (DOH1) ON 3640 (DOH0) OFF
EchoLink Port 32461 (ECHO1)* ON 32460 (ECHO0) OFF
2m port 261 (2M1)  ON 260 (2M0)  Off
ELink Connect to Node C#(Node Number) C73  Disconnects
IRLP Connect to Node C*(Node Number) C73  Disconnects

Examples of use:


  1. Key and press 85<digits you want to test>
  2. “D” can’t be tested and will cause the test to fail

Make an EchoLink call

  1. Key and press 32461 and unkey (make sure the echolink port is connected)
  2. Key and press C#<node number> unkey
  3. To disconnect, key and press C73 unkey

Test Received Signal and short DVR test

    • Key and press 2 and unkey – signal will be read back
    • Key and press 55 unkey
    • Wait for repeater to say “Ready”
    • Key and transmit message
    • Repeater will play it back on unkey


"I am often asked how radio works. Well, you see, wire telegraphy is like a very long cat. You yank his tail in New York and he meows in Los Angeles. Do you understand this? Now, radio is exactly the same, except that there is no cat."

-- Albert Einstein .

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